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EUHealth Time Line History

1990 Blackwell Masters NHS planning dataset on CD Rom

1996 Blackwell Masters added planning documents in full

2000 acquired Blackwell Masters in full

2001 EUHealth transcribed the data to the net

2001 EUHealth increased researcher locations in the UK

2002 EUHealth increased research personnel by allowing them to work in their indigenous countries

2003 EUHealth added in permission based marketing for clinicians to their elected email addresses

2005 EUHealth expanded into a further 8 EU counties

2006 EUHealth added in Eastern EU countries

2007 EUHealth alliance increased their offline access to 17 Asian countries

EUHealth is looking forward!!

EUHealth has over 500 different contact job functions on site

Definitive European healthcare contacts and planning directives database – 22 in full, additional countries recently added include Poland, Sweden, Norway Denmark and Slovenia

Disease Incidence Statistics and prevalence data- offline reports

Develop and grow our opt in permission based marketing policies and classifications with our current customers

EUHealth followed the NHS 10 year plan from 1999 and will continue to work with government departments for new innovations

EUHealth will become a de facto European data resource for e-healthcare

What is EUHealth good at?

Intensive drill down telephone research with the surgeries and hospitals in EU countries

Doctors/Nurses trusting us with their personal and interest areas datasets

Excellent relationships with key contacts to obtain latest plans

Vehement belief in one-to-one marketing

We do not support clogging up inboxes with unnecessary information / no relevance to their chosen subject or interest pattern.

We do not sell emails to any other third party. The doctors or managements of our subscriber’s permission is granted to and they are never released to any third party.

Developing systems which will enable us to match clinicians/management preferred contact method to assist in full sector penetration

Each EUHealth activity costed accurately and adhered to if clients brief remains same

Full customer control for marketing initiative effectiveness

Marketing and monitoring discussion boards and chat sessions with doctors on healthcare issues in different languages

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