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Email Broadcast Reporting

We undertake analysis of despatch of email broadcast we provide a unique tracking URL for each and every id for every mailer sent. We then track which were opened subject to the NHS or spam filers allowing us to be given this information.


Opens by unique recipients


Times the email was read


Average reads per recipient


Deleted without being read


Success ratio


Links on broadcast
EUHealth also manage and count whether the recipients have clicks on the links and if so which link. We provide this information by the number of recipients who actually click on the link and what time of day they did it.


Click-Through Recipients


Click-Through percentage


Number of times the email was read
Frequently a recipient may open an email more than once, because they wish to remind themselves or pass it over to another colleague or share within a department such as a nurse station. This can therefore distort the figure out somewhat, so we offer the opportunity to view how many times the email was opened as an average.

Time of report
We always recommend to a customer that they allow at least 2 weeks following despatch for report generation. Experience has taught us that clinicians in particular, do not follow the regular office routines and patterns of most other workers and may, therefore, not access emails for some time after they have been sent.

EUHealth appreciate that a more rapid reponse time for broadcast reporting is sometimes required, and for this we can comply as long as it is realised that the figures are less likely to have the accuracy of those generated at a later date. However, we always offer to run the report up to 3 times within the charge band.


Total Link Clicks


1.Prescribing Information


2. Recommendations


3.GPs links


4.Clinical Reprints


5.Clinicial Guidance notes


6.House of Commons Health First Report


Originating IP address
EUHealth even have the ability to track the local IP address of the person opening the email broadcast however, we can accurately pinpoint this location because many servers are clustered together and this is why we always revert to Ids to track each individually.
Why does EUHealth differ from Google Analytics?
EUHealth prefers to adopt its own tracking technology because Google does not give accurate results of links clicks. Google is mainly geared to tracking page visits and not to the call to action as a result of sending out the email broadcast.

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