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Survey Hosting
EUHealth can host your survey under a specifically designed sub-domain, which relates only to your company or product. You can host one or more surveys under your own private sub-domain, allowing for a more standardised an controllable presentation to your target audience. An example of a privately owned sub-domain link might be (Please note that this link at present leads nowhere, but will shortly host a sample survey for you to view)

Social Networks

EUHealth can integrate your survey with popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Market to followers of your company’s pages, and invite them straight to your surveys from their own accounts.

Survey Design
EUHealth can assist you in designing your survey,

• whatever the purpose
• whatever the audience
• from 2 to 20 pages

Survey Results
EUHealth survey reporting gives comprehensive coverage of the success of your survey from:

• a summary of the key feedback data
• quantity of invitations against number and content of completed surveys
• detailed data on incomplete surveys and declined invitations
• the opportunity to carry out invitation resends

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